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How to obtain Steroids

     There aren't many ways to obtain steroids.  The best way to get a hold of steroids is to get a legitimate prescription through a physician.  This however, is not an option for most people since expense of the doctors who actually give these prescriptions is out of most peoples reasonable budget.  Other options include finding a good friend who knows a friend who knows a friend at a gym, just happening to know someone yourself, flying to another country (preferably Mexico) and either mailing them back or bringing them home yourself, or you could find a contact in another country or the US who would be willing to do the dirty work for a small fee (mail order companies).  Mail order seems to be the way to go for the steroid novice because there is less personal risk involved if you are educated.  There is a higher risk of being "scammed" and loosing your money or receiving fake product, however, being caught and prosecuted is a lot less likely if done correctly.  Recently the government has been coming down on the bigger online pharmacies.  They are basically seizing everything they send to the US.  I would go a less common route and go to a discreet steroid discussion board and get in touch with a "domestic" supplier.  For the best information about steroids and the law go to:  www.steroidlaw.com


     When using a mail order company a person should:

1)   Be very careful and be confident in who you are dealing with.  You should always get a few references.  Sometimes good dealers will give samples and supply pictures of their products.

2)  Be sure you know your product as well.  Know what types of steroids you are looking for and what people commonly pay for them.  If the price is much to low to be true or way too high, it is probably a scam.  You should know what company makes the product and  in what amounts and styles (oral or injectable).  Also know what to look for in the package and be sure to ask the person questions pertaining to this.  Some fakes are very well made, however, are still usually easily identified if you know what to look for.  

3)  When placing the order, use a name other than your own and request that the shipper is able to track the package and give you the tracking number.  If you are still worried about being set up write "RETURN TO SENDER" on it and let it sit around for a week or so before you open it.

4)  Before using the product, inspect it for quality.  The identifying fakes area on this site is a good reference.  If you are still skeptical, there is a great discussion board on the FitnessBoard.NET website where you will find a lot of very helpful and loyal members, most of whom are long term steroid guru's.




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